Our Company values Human Resources as its greatest asset. To that end, we provide an equal hiring opportunity to everyone who is willing to contribute to our Mission and move our Company towards its Vision. We pride on the fact that 85% of our workforce, including our founder, is female, which ties into our “zero tolerance” policy towards racial, gender, religious or any other form of discrimination. 

Recruitment and Selection Policy 

  1. Support the recruitment, retention and development of employees of the highest caliber and create a working environment to work at highest efficiency possible
  2. Find the candidate that has the skills, abilities, knowledge and attitude needed to carry out a particular position’s requirements
  3. Seek the Company’s best interests by employing people that would help maximize returns for our stakeholders.
  4. Ensure that recruitment and selection processes are fair and transparent without any prejudice
  5. Offer prospective reward schemes for employees displaying best practices and training opportunities for employees willing to improve 
  6. Emphasize employee health and safety at workplace as utmost priority
  7. Maintain a diverse culture reflective of our respect for different views and opinions 


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