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Cannula and catheter occlusions are among the most frequent problems encountered in infusion therapy.

Above all, cannula occlusion causes loss of vascular access. Opening a new vascular access means a new invasive intervention. These not only impair patient's comfort but also increase complication risks, consume the time of nurses and increase the cost of i.v. therapy.

FlowArt One Directional Needle-Free Connector is designed to eliminate reflux-related cannula occlusions.

FlowArt One Directional Needle-Free Connector;

  1. Prevents blood backflow in mobile patients.
  2. Eliminates reflux effect, prevents backflow of patient blood, eliminates cannula occlusions.
  3. Minimizes need of heparin
  4. Increases patients’ comfort
  5. Saves nursing time
  6. Minimizes total cost of i.v. therapy