CDC Recommends ; Using Split Septum Designed Needleless Valves

FlowArt Valves are Split Septum designed valves recommended by CDC 2011

Needle free injection valves have become an essential part of intravenous therapy in the recent years. The most important reason of this broad recognition is the minimization of infection risks both for the patient and the healthcare professionals.

Since intravenous therapy is one of the most common invasive interventions, complication risks are high too.

Catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI), and in particular central venous catheter infections have increased intensive care mortality rates to the levels of 30%. This issue is still an important problem all over the world.

Infection related mortalities, longer hospitalization and related economic losses has brought along more questions of whether the medical devices used in IV treatment have the optimal design for infection control.

Comparative studies indicate that split septum valves have advantages in decreasing of catheter related bloodstream infections.

Finally, CDC 2011 recommends split septum valves in order to minimize infection risks in intravenous therapy.